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Fusion 5.11
    Fusion 5.11

    Query Stage SDK

    In addition to Fusion’s built-in query stages, Lucidworks provides the Query Stage SDK for developing your own custom query stages with Java. All of the resources are provided in a public GitHub repository.

    Getting started

    Clone the repository to get started:

    git clone

    See Gradle quickstart documentation for more information on Java Projects.

    The Query Stage SDK requires the Fusion Search DSL.

    Query Stage SDK library

    The Java SDK library contains the classes and interfaces for building new query plugin stages. You’ll find it in the query-stage-plugin-sdk directory.

    Example plugin stage

    The example query stage plugin contains an example of how a plugin can be implemented as well as information on how to build and deploy the plugin. You’ll find it in the examples/sample-plugin-stage directory.