Fusion 5.10

    Blob Storage

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    Fusion accepts large binary objects (blobs) for upload, and stores them in Solr. Blob uploads are used to install models, lookup lists, JDBC drivers, connectors, and more.

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    The Blob manager

    In addition to the Blob Store API, the Fusion UI provides an interface to the blob store in the Fusion workspace at System > Blobs:


    • Click Add to upload a new blob:

      Add a blob

    • Select an uploaded blob to view, replace, or delete it:

      Modify a blob

    Blob editor

    The blob editor gives the ability to edit blobs in the Fusion UI in a variety of formats:

    • CSV

    • Java

    • JavaScript

    • Python

    • SCALA

    • Typescript

    • Plain text

    Navigate to System > Blobs, select a blob, and click the Edit blob button to open the editor:

    Edit blob button

    • If the Edit blob button is not available, the blob type cannot be edited with the blob editor.

    • For Fusion 5.4.x and later, JavaScript can be edited directly in the Fusion UI.

    The editor has several elements worth noting:

    Elements Description


    Copies the JSON to the clipboard.


    Pastes the clipboard into the editor. Only valid JSON is accepted.


    Expands the editor to a fullscreen view.


    Condenses the editor to a compact view.


    Saves the JSON in the editor and updates the blob.


    Resets changes made since the last time changes were applied.

    For instructions, see Use the Blob Editor.