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Fusion 5.11
    Fusion 5.11


    Conditions, or triggers, define the environment necessary for the rule action to fire. Any combination of conditions (date, field value, query, and query profile) can be defined for a rule.

    Query profile triggers can be tested in the Query Workbench or with the Query Pipelines API by setting queryProfileID parameter on the request.

    For more information, see Business Rules Conditions Concepts.

    Configuration options

    Condition types


    Required Parameter Description Example


    The date and time range for the rule.

    01/01/2021 12:00 to 01/31/2021 12:00

    Field value

    Required Parameter Description Example


    The filters that determine whether the rule fires:

    • Field name. The name of the field that the rule action applies to. The documents in the datasource determine what fields are available.

    • Field value. The values of the field that the rule action applies to. The field determines what field values are available.

    Field name: color_group_name

    Field value: red


    Required Parameter Description Example

    Match query using

    Method used for query matching. Choose from the following:

    • keywords. Query must match one of the keywords of the Search terms value. For example, if the Search term value is red shoes, the queries red, shoes, red shoes, and shoes red will all trigger the rule.

    • phrase. Query must match the Search terms value exactly and in the same order. For example, if the Search term value is red shoes, the query shoes red will not trigger the rule.

    • text. Query must match the Search terms, but not in its entirety. For example, if the Search term value is heavy winter jacket, the query heavy winter or winter jacket will trigger the rule. The query heavy jacket, however, will not.


    Search terms

    Search terms that will trigger the rule. Terms can be words or phrases.

    sale, shoes, red

    Query profile

    Required Parameter Description Example

    Query profile ID

    The ID of the query profile that allows the rule to fire. Accepts multiple values.