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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    General Response Processors

    General response processors include ones to perform these operations:

    • Perform a left join on fields.

    • Log response metadata and attributes to log4j.

    • Group results by a given Field value.

    Perform a left join on the specified fields, adding results with the same values in the specified fields as 'related' results. Appkit carries out additional searches against the platform to retrieve each related result.

    joinFields (java.lang.String)
    Comma-separated list of fields that should be affected by this processor.

    Log Response metadata and attributes to log4j as TRACE.

    Group results by a given Field value, making group entries related results for the first one.

    groupBy (java.lang.String)
    The field containing the identifying value to group results by.