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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Activity Tracking

    Appkit can capture any and all interaction users have with an Appkit powered application. This includes what queries were typed, filters applied, sort order used, and links opened.

    The information is stored in a highly scalable embedded search index which can be used to:

    • Data mine or analyze information through a regular Appkit user interface

    • Empower and aid users in content discovery by grouping together similar queries using statistical methods and suggesting alternatives to users seeking similar content

    • Perform auditing and compliance functions in secure applications

    Activity processing

    The activity tracking framework supports these endpoints for processing activity events:

    Query Tracking

    To track user-generated queries on your page, add a <track:query> tag with a reference to the query object that captures the user’s input:

    <track:query query="query" path="/search" page-title="Search Page"></track:query>

    To see all related attributes, see the track:query tag documentation.

    Click Tracking

    To track click events, wrap a <track:clicks> tag around any result list to be tracked:

    <track:clicks query="query" type="People Results">
    <search:result-list response="response">

    To see all related attributes, see the track:clicks tag documentation.

    Alternatively, to track a static URL, wrap the address in your href as shown. Optionally, you can use the _type parameter to provide a click type: