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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

    Predictive Merchandiser

    Predictive Merchandiser is an AI-powered merchandising tool for Product Discovery solutions. It provides insights and recommendations for optimizing search results and product placement.

    Predictive Merchandiser Board

    It provides an easy to use interface, allowing you to:

    • Connect to a Fusion data source and simulate the shopping experience of your customers.

    • Pin, boost, bury, and block specific products in your catalog.

    • Create business rules to display custom banners, or redirect customers to a different page on your site, for example.

    • Create search rewriting strategies to manage spelling mistakes, synonym matching, phrase matching, and poorly performing queries.

    • Review query rewriting strategies that were generated automatically using machine learning models in Fusion.

    • Deploy new business rules and search rewrites to the Fusion data source where they can be triggered by live queries.

    • View analytics reports that show, for example, the variation in site visits over time, the most clicked on products, and the most searched for terms.


    Predictive Merchandiser is integrated with Fusion and requires a valid license.

    To verify your Predictive Merchandiser license, click Account Settings Account Settings and select License Details.

    If you have a valid Predictive Merchandiser license, an asterisk * displays after Fusion AI Pm.

    To upload a valid license, click Upload.

    Upload license

    Access Predictive Merchandiser

    To access Predictive Merchandiser:

    1. Sign in to Fusion and click Relevance > Rules.

    2. Click the Merchandiser icon.