Fusion 5.10

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    Learn how to create Lucidworks driven apps and power insights into your products. Whether you want to check out our latest version or explore a specific product, this documentation will guide you to develop your core search experience.

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    Fusion 5 combines the various product offerings of Fusion 4 under one platform.

    Smart Answers

    Versatile, scalable Semantic Search platform.

    Versions: 5.10,   5.9,   5.8,   5.7,   5.6,   5.5 

    Experience Optimizer

    Visually create rules for search and category pages.

    Versions: 5.10,   5.9,   5.8,   5.7,   5.6,   5.5 

    App Studio

    Rapid development for all your search apps.

    Versions: 5.10,   5.9,   5.8,   5.7,   5.6,   5.5