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Fusion 5.12
    Fusion 5.12

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    Lucidworks specializes in making data searchable and insightful for businesses, combining AI and machine learning to power hyper-personalized search and discovery experiences for your customers and employees. Our products improve conversion rates, boost employee productivity, and streamline operations.

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    Managed Fusion 5.12

    Managed Fusion is a cloud-based search platform built on a secure and scalable technology stack. This AI-powered solution allows you to deploy search applications designed for data discovery and can handle massive volumes of information and queries, accommodating even the most demanding search needs. To ensure successful search operations, Lucidworks collaborates with you to provide support, environment changes, migrations and upgrades, and overall search workflows.

    Fusion 5.12

    Fusion 5 grants organizations the autonomy of self-hosted AI-powered data discovery and search applications, leveraging a modern, containerized, and cloud-native architecture. This empowers effortless ingestion and indexing of diverse data sources, scaling to handle billions of records.

    Fusion Connectors 5.12

    Our comprehensive connector ecosystem enables effortless ingestion of data from diverse sources. Fusion Connectors feature automatic updates, robust security measures, and superior scalability through distributed fetching.

    Fusion 4Drowpdown nested links arrow

    Built on the proven foundation of Solr and Spark, Fusion 4 is a highly scalable search platform that indexes and stores data for real-time discovery, empowering developers to build sophisticated applications for fast and accurate information retrieval.

    SpringboardDrowpdown nested links arrow

    Specifically designed for indexing and searching high-volume websites, Connected Search offers efficient content indexing, fine-tuned relevance ranking, and an intuitive user search experience.

    Never NullDrowpdown nested links arrow

    Never Null is designed to elevate the capabilities of your existing search platform by tackling the challenge of queries that yield "0 results found."

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    Fusion 5.12.0

    Released on March 28, 2024, this release adds several new features and improvements.

    Managed Fusion Docs

    Managed Fusion documentation is now live on the docs site.

    JDBC V2 connector v2.6.0

    The JDBC V2 connector adds a new pagination feature. See the release notes for details.