3.1.4 Release NotesSubscribe

Release date: 29 March 2018

Component versions:

  • Solr 6.6.3

  • ZooKeeper 3.4.6

  • Spark 2.1.1

New features

  • Solr 6.6.3

    This release incorporates Solr 6.6.3, which includes the following bugfixes:

    • Disallow reference to external resources in the DataImportHandler dataConfig request parameter

    • Allow collections created with legacyCloud=true to be opened if legacyCloud=false

    • LeaderInitiatedRecoveryThread now retries on UnknownHostException to better handle changing IP and restarting Fusion

      Additional changes are described in the Solr 6.6.3 release notes.


  • Sharepoint connector improvements

    • Fixed XML error in ADFS SAML authentication.

    • Improved logging to help troubleshoot document onboarding.

    • Fixed a bug in which the online instance was not downloading body content.

  • Zendesk connector improvements

    • Now crawls knowledge base articles in the Zendesk Help Center.

    • Zendesk security filtering now supports access control lists.

  • Web connector improvements

    • The Web connector can now be configured to retry before failing a request.

      To use, set the new API parameter f.requestRetryCount to a value other than the default 0.

    • Web sites protected by Ping Identity can now be authenticated with the Web connector.

    • Can now add HTTP response header fields to an index.

    • Can now normalize URIs. Use the httpClient parameter URIUtils.resolve to resolve the URL if needed.

  • Other improvements

    • Regex field replacement now correctly does the following:

      • Removes double-square brackets around wiki references

      • Removes XML comments

      • Checks that the regex replacement is not empty

    • Improved page load performance during the JavaScript evaluation stage using the JavaScript connector.

    • Form login now works with login pages that have input tags, instead of only form tags.

    • Windows Share crawler max_bytes property can now handle large files.

    • Significant performance improvement in the Jobs UI page, at Collections > Jobs.

      We’ve introduced a system job to clean up old entries in job history.

    • Proxy socket timeout is now configurable.

      In fusion.properties, add -Dcom.lucidworks.apollo.admin.proxy.socket.timeout= to proxy.jvmOptions.

    • The Service Now connector now supports communication through a proxy.

Other changes

  • Solr partial indexer stage failure error changed from 204 to 5XX.

  • Minor usability improvements in parser configuration UI.

  • Fusion UI now validates the name field for an aggregation job.

Known issues

The Tika parser and Tika stage Return parsed content as XML option works only if the input document is also HTML/XML.