2.4.0 Known Issues

The 2.4.0 release of Fusion includes the following known issues:

  • ExtendedDismaxQParser (edismax) ignores Boolean OR when q.op=AND and mm is not explicitly set

    This behavior is new to Solr 5.5.0 and is fixed in 5.5.2 and above. A future release of Fusion will include that fix.

  • bufferDocsForSolr not enabled by default

    Enabling bufferDocsForSolr in the Solr Indexer index pipeline stage provides a better rate of ingest. However, it is not enabled by default due to a known issue in Solr. This issue will be resolved in a future release.

    If you are experiencing performance issues during ingest and no errors are found in connectors.log, api.log, or solr.log, then enabling bufferDocsForSolr may resolve the problem.

  • Stopped Aggregator jobs may continue running in Spark

    After stopping an aggregator job using the Fusion UI or the Aggregator API, it may continue running in Spark. To work around this, go to http://localhost:8767/ on the Fusion host and click kill next to the running job.

  • System threads page in the UI does not send ID with request

    While the system/threads API endpoint works as expected, the Web-based interface at Applications > System > Threads fails to send the id field, and an API error is displayed in the Notifications panel. The workaround is to use the API directly.

  • Some existing JavaScript Index stage functions may break

    As of 2.4, all pipeline variables referenced in the body of a JavaScript function must be passed in as arguments to the function. Existing JavaScript functions which reference pipeline variables will break if: the function references pipeline variables which aren’t specified in the function parameter declaration; or the function parameter declaration doesn’t match one of the allowed signatures. See: Custom JavaScript Stages For Index Pipelines for details.

  • Some Gazetteer pipeline stages are not compatible with 2.3

    If your existing Fusion installation utilizes the entityDefinitions field in Gazetteer Lookup Extraction pipeline stages, those pipelines may break after upgrading to this release. The entityDefinitions field has been renamed to definitions.