2.2 Release Notes

The following changes have been made for the 2.2 version of Fusion. Numbers in parentheses are internal Lucidworks issue tracking numbers.

System Changes

Fusion 2.2 introduces a new TaxonomyResource that manages a hierarchy of categories which have one or more attributes used for faceting in Solr.

UI Changes

Better workflow, usability, search tools:

  • Bottom "minimap navibar" allows for smooth scrolling and/or quick jumps between open panels.

  • Expanded panels and text boxes for configuration and other data entry tasks.

  • Increased information density on the UI.

New Synonyms manager tool for managing Solr synonyms resource files.


New Connectors

  • Alfresco/CMIS

  • ServiceNow

  • Zendesk


  • Couchbase connector support for Couchbase 3.x and 4.x

  • Subversion connector has been re-written in the Anda connector framework

  • JIRA child objects now include the parent issue ID

  • JIRA connector now includes a field on each object identifying its type

  • Subversion connector can accept self-signed certificates

  • Jive connector now processes attachments

  • SharePoint connector can now cache group data from Active Directory

Bug Fixes

  • Stop button in Fusion UI for Hadoop connector works in a Kerberized environment

  • SharePoint connector properly handles spaces in URLs

  • Proxy information can be removed from a Web datasource without causing an error

  • SharePoint connector can resolve groups to populate ACLs with users