2.1.4 Release Notes

Fusion 2.1.4 introduces the following changes:

Connector Enhancements

  • The Jive Connector now adds content attachments and ACLs for attachment objects. It also processes spaces and projects for security trimming. Additional fixes have been made for better handling of complex JSON in the Jive response, particularly for outcomeType fields.

  • The Sharepoint Connector can now use the parent_s field from attachments to include links to those attachments when indexing their parent documents. This makes it possible to include the attachments in search results that match the parent documents.

  • The Azure Connector (formerly the Azure Blob and Azure Table Connectors) now supports incremental crawling to retrieve new changes without having to retrieve the entire contents of the repository.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug that prevented correctly setting GC_TUNE parameters for Java7 during startup.

  • We fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the Help menu from automatically closing after a help topic was selected.

  • We fixed a bug that prevented the API Service from recovering when ZooKeeper quorum is lost for five minutes or more.