2.1.4 Known Issues

The 2.1.4 release of Fusion includes the following known issues:

  • bufferDocsForSolr not enabled by default

    Enabling bufferDocsForSolr in the Solr Indexer index pipeline stage provides a better rate of ingest. However, it is not enabled by default due to a known issue in Solr. This issue will be resolved in a future release.

    If you are experiencing performance issues during ingest and no errors are found in connectors.log, api.log, or solr.log, then enabling bufferDocsForSolr may resolve the problem.

  • Login page and Welcome page have random values in the first field before the user has entered any values. The workaround is to delete or overwrite these values.

  • When using the UI with Internet Explorer 11 and creating dynamic fields with "Copy Fields To" values, those values are reset after clicking Save.

  • When using the admin UI with IE 11 under Windows, the link to the Silk 4 Beta leads to an error page.

  • When an admin edits an existing user, the user’s password cannot be changed; the Update Password checkbox is missing from the UI.