2.1.3 Release Notes

Fusion 2.1.3 introduces the following changes:

  • Bugfix for the S3 connector, enabling it to crawl bigger datasets and index files inside subdirectories.

  • The Azure Blob and Azure Table connectors are merged into a single Azure connector, and the new Azure connector includes improved blob traversal.

  • Bugfix for the Web connector, eliminating an error at indexing time after a proxy configuration has been removed.

  • Bugfix to allow UI-based creation of new users in non-native LDAP/Kerberos realms.

  • The Security Trimming and Active Directory Security Trimming pipeline stages have always accepted a user value as input. This is used for filtering search results based on access control lists (ACL) within the indexed documents. The default behavior first tries the fusion-user-id header from the Fusion proxy service, then falls back on the username query parameter. This behavior is now overridable. In the pipeline stage configuration window, you can now define the source to be a query parameter or an HTTP header, as well as the name of the key from that source.