2.1.2 Release Notes

Fusion 2.1.2 introduces the following changes:

  • Bugfix for JDBC driver classpath and class loader mechanism, so that Fusion JDBC Lookup stages can be used in both index and query pipelines. A JDBC Lookup stage performs a database lookup and injects the results into the pipeline context, document, query, or response.

  • Bugfix for Spark service running on Windows. Resolves problem of corrupted URL for Spark master node.

  • The Fusion ZkImportExport command and script ZkImportExport.sh correctly handle empty ZooKeeper nodes.

  • The Kerberos security realm now has an "auto-create" option which determines whether or not to allow access to all authorized users. When this option is set to "false" for the Kerberos realm, the Fusion user list acts like a whitelist, and only valid Fusion users are granted access. Valid Fusion users from the Kerberos realm can be explicitly added to this list either via the Fusion UI or the REST API.

  • Scripts and instructions for upgrading to Fusion 2.1 are available from GitHub repository: https://github.com/LucidWorks/fusion-upgrade-scripts/blob/master/README.asciidoc