2.1 Release Notes

The following changes have been made for the 2.1 version of Fusion.

System Changes

Built-in support for Solr 5.x.

Improved security integration with:

  • Kerberos

  • Sharepoint

  • Active Directory

UI Changes

New user interface geared towards Solr and Search novices:

  • Directed workflow for creating and populating Fusion collections

  • Side-by-side layouts for datasources, pipelines, and search

  • New search UI for query construction and relevancy tuning.

New Silk dashboard framework based on Kibana 4:

  • Now includes hierarchical facet management.


Fusion supports previous set of pre-configured pipelines, plus new pipelines:

  • Default_Data

  • Documents_Parsing

  • Documents_Parsing_debug_logging

  • CSV

  • JSON

  • Logstash

  • Source_Code

New pipeline stages:

  • Language identification


Anda connector framework changes:

  • Fine-grained options

  • Crawldb history