1.2.7 Known Issues

The 1.2.7 release of Fusion includes the following known issues. Numbers in parentheses are internal Lucidworks bug tracking numbers.

  • bufferDocsForSolr not enabled by default

    Enabling bufferDocsForSolr in the Solr Indexer index pipeline stage provides a better rate of ingest. However, it is not enabled by default due to a known issue in Solr. This issue will be resolved in a future release.

    If you are experiencing performance issues during ingest and no errors are found in connectors.log, api.log, or solr.log, then enabling bufferDocsForSolr may resolve the problem.

  • The lucid.anda webcrawler datasource configuration must specify the Fetcher proxy server. Leaving this unspecified or removing it from the configuration will result in an error when the indexing job is run. (CONN-1052)