1.2.3 Known Issues

The 1.2.3 release of Fusion includes the following known issues. Numbers in parentheses are internal Lucidworks bug tracking numbers.

  • bufferDocsForSolr not enabled by default

    Enabling bufferDocsForSolr in the Solr Indexer index pipeline stage provides a better rate of ingest. However, it is not enabled by default due to a known issue in Solr. This issue will be resolved in a future release.

    If you are experiencing performance issues during ingest and no errors are found in connectors.log, api.log, or solr.log, then enabling bufferDocsForSolr may resolve the problem.

  • The Search UI sends two requests to the Fusion backend services for each query submitted via the UI. (APOLLO-2991)

  • The Admin role can remove the UI * permission which will lock the user out of the UI. (APOLLO-3038)

  • The Azure connectors (lucid.azure.blob and lucid.azure.table) are not working. (CONN-866)