Fusion AI 4.2.1 Release Notes

Release date: 5 April 2019

New features

No new features were introduced in this release.


  • In the _user_query_history_aggregation SQL aggregation job, the default value of the signalTypeWeights SQL parameter has been changed from click:1.0,add-to-cart:10.0,purchase:25.0 to request:1.0,click:5.0,cart:10.0,purchase:25.0 to add request signals so that all signal types are included in these aggregations.

  • Query Rewriting UI improvements:

    • Facet groups can now be collapsed and expanded for easier viewing.

    • Query rewrites are now faceted by tag.

    • The Apply Rules query pipeline stage has a new parameter, Partially Matched Filter Queries Will Trigger the Rule/matchPartialFilterQueries, which allows a rule to fire when it is configured with multiple Field Value conditions and only some of those conditions are matched.

    • The Misspelling Detection page now has a Published column.

    • Manually-created query rewrites are now automatically assigned a review value of "Approved" and the Review field is no longer editable in the query rewrite creation interface.

    • Fixed an issue which broken rules with banner actions when the Banner Zone field value was an integer.

    • Better checks for duplicate rewrites.

    • Uni-directional synonyms are now working correctly in the query_rewrite_staging collection and the Simulator.

    • A manually-created head/tail query improvement now has its action field correctly populated.

  • A variety of minor UI issues were fixed.