Fusion App Studio Release Notes

Current App Studio Release: 4.2.1

Release date: 5 April 2019

Appkit version in this release: 4.2.1

Past App Studio releases

Version Release Date Major Changes Release Notes


28 February 2019

New features in this release of App Studio come in through the corresponding embedded release of the Appkit SDK.

  • Fusion collection for social data – A new Fusion auxiliary collection called _user_prefs is now created automatically with each new Fusion app for the purpose of storing social data such as user tags, bookmarks, and so on.

  • Single package file – A search app’s two package.json files have been combined in a single file.

    Previous files (pre-4.2.0):


    Current file (4.2.0):



7 December 2018

  • The facet:dropdown tag now supports multi-selection with a new select attribute that takes one of these values:

    • toggle (default)

      Allow exactly one filter to be selected at a time, but show unselected filters and counts.

    • multiselect

      Allow selection of multiple filters that are combined with a logical disjunction (OR). Show an "Apply" button at the bottom of the dropdown, which is enabled if and only if one or more checkboxes have been ticked.

    • multiselect-instant

      Select multiple filters that are combined with a logical disjunction (OR). Filters are applied immediately when a checkbox is ticked.

  • The geo:highmaps tag now support an options attribute that you can use to specify configuration options.

    For a complete list of available options, see the Highmaps JS Options Reference.


7 November 2018

  • New tags:

  • New service: CollaborationService accesses the Collaboration APIs.

  • geo:map tag improvements:

    • A new drag value for events changes the search range when the user drags the map; this works only with Google Maps.

    • The draw value for events now works with ESRI maps in addition to Google Maps.

    • The longitude filter is now created with the correct values.

  • The search:facet tag can now be configured to display custom icons for expanded/collapsed facet lists using new .collapsed and .facet-toggle CSS classes. See the CSS example.

  • The instant:result-list tag has a new children-selector attribute for selecting the child elements that should be used for the arrow key selection mechanism.

  • The media:image tag now respects the value of image-service-url, if defined.


17 July 2018

  • The App Studio interface is now integrated with the Fusion Server interface. From the Fusion workspace, navigate to App Studio > Build new UI:

    App Studio menu

    You’ll find a handy setup wizard, plus the embedded code editor, just as in App Studio 4.0.

    After you’ve built one or more search interfaces with App Studio, you can access them from the same menu:

    App Studio menu

  • An App Studio project can be downloaded for standalone development using your own tools.

  • A search interface can now be deployed as a self-contained application or a self-executing (.jar) application, in addition to deployment as a Fusion Web app.


28 June 2018

This is the first public release of App Studio, compatible with Fusion Server 4.0.