Predictive Merchandiser Release Notes


Latest Release: 1.2.0 (12 March 2020)

New Features

  • Clicking the tiles in the Analytics screen now updates the graph below to display detailed metrics.

    Analytics Chart New Feature
  • The ability to switch apps from within the Rules Editor is added:

    Switch apps in the Rules Editor.
  • Support is added for individually selecting rules to publish in the Fusion UI:

    Individually publish rules in the Fusion UI.


  • Boost, bury, or block facets from your search results:

    Search Facet Rules

  • Boosted facets can now be reordered with drag-and-drop:

    Reorder Facets

Previous releases

1.1.0 (5 November 2019)

Users now have greater options when working with facet values:

  • Option to boost, block and bury individual values in facets set by a rule:

    Boost, block or bury facet values
  • Ability to search within facet values.