Predictive Merchandiser 1.1.0 Release Notes


Release date: 05 November 2019


Predictive Merchandiser requires Fusion 5.0.2+.

See Fusion 5.0 Deployment for installation instructions.

New features and improvements

Facet improvements

Users now have greater options when working with facet values:

  • Option to boost, block and bury individual values in facets set by a rule:

    Boost, block or bury facet values
  • Ability to search within facet values.

Search rewrite enhancements

  • Search rewrites can now be created directly from the search bar (in Interactive Mode):

    Create search rewrite
  • Search rewrite facets are now color coded in line with the colors used in the Search Rewrites List.

  • Users are no longer asked to enter a confidence score when creating a search rewrite. Search rewrites are created automatically with 100% confidence.

  • Edited On and Created On date columns have been added to the Rule and Search Rewrite boards.

New sorting options

  • Users can now create custom sorting rules for particular queries. A sorting rule sorts search results based on one or more selected fields such as newest, price and views, in ascending or descending order.

  • A Sort by dropdown has been added to the Predictive Merchandiser board (in Interactive Mode), which can be used to sort products by relevance, or in ascending or descending order:

    New Sort by dropdown

New product recommendations

Users can now see product recommendations generated from signals data in a product’s information page:

Product recommendations

Note that this feature requires item to item recommendations to be configured in Fusion.

Improved redirect rule interaction

  • When a redirect rule is triggered, a message is displayed, indicating that users will be redirected to a new page.

  • Redirect rules can now be edited or deleted in Interactive Mode.

    New redirect banner with edit and delete options

New searching options

  • A Position box is now displayed for each product in the search results. Users can use this box to pin the product to a new position:

    Edit product position number
  • Type ahead result suggestions are now displayed with product images when users enter search terms.

  • It is now possible to see more then 12 products at a time on a page of search results. Users can choose between 12, 24, 36 and 48 products.

A trending searches report can now be added to the Analytics board, listing the most popular searches on a site (search terms customers are looking for more than usual). Note that this report is not added to the Analytics board by default as it needs to be set up by an administrator.

Published rules preview

Predictive Merchandiser now includes a board for previewing rules in production (published rules):

Preview the affects of published rules and rewrites

New export options

  • An endpoint called Export Rules to Excel has been added to the Predictive Merchandiser bundle, for exporting a set of rules to Excel.

  • Users now have the option to export rules to Excel.

User interface changes

  • When creating a Predictive Merchandiser board, users are now only shown data sets from a Fusion provider.

  • When creating or editing a rule in the Edit Rule wizard, the third step has been renamed to Rule Type. This step was previously called Action.

Bug fixes

Installation and board setup issues

  • Predictive Merchandiser can now be installed against a local Fusion 5 service.

  • Facets added during creation of a Predictive Merchandiser board are now correctly displayed. Previously, facets were not always shown when the board was opened.

Rules and search rewrite issues

  • Previously users were unable to create a Set Params rule from the Rules board - this has now been resolved.

  • Response parameter values can now be set in rules.

  • Filtering rules with tags that contain special characters (such as %) no longer cause incorrect results to be displayed.

  • Previously, users were unable to carry out bulk actions on rules where products did not have title fields - this has now been resolved.

  • Head/Tail search rewrites are now correctly created with a 100% confidence score instead of NaN.

Pinning product issues

  • Previously, users were sometimes unable to drag and drop products - this has now been fixed.

  • Dragging and dropping a product on a results page other than page 1 now sets the product’s position properly.

  • Issues experienced while inserting products (using the Insert Product dialog) have now been resolved.

Analytics board issues

  • Previously, *.* was mistakenly shown as a Top Search Term in the Analytics board - this has now been removed.

  • The Top Search Terms widget in the Analytics board now correctly shows customer searches, instead of raw Solr queries.

  • The Average Session widget in the Analytics board now correctly shows seconds as the duration unit, instead of minutes.

User interface issues

  • The arrow of the search rewrites dropdown information panel is now correctly aligned in Safari.

  • Facet List text no longer overlaps the Show Selected and Show All buttons in the Insert Product page when scrolling to the bottom of the page.

  • Products listed on the same row in the Insert Product page are now displayed at the same height.

Other issues

  • Filtering in the Rules and Search Rewrite boards no longer results in duplicate http requests, improving overall performance.

  • Some invalid references to the schematics API have now been fixed.