Create a synonym detection search rewrite

You can specify synonyms for a specified search term so that alternative words with the same meaning are automatically used in the search query. When a customer enters a search term with a synonym match, the alternative words are used instead of, or in addition to, the original search term.

For example, the search term sweater could have the synonyms pullover and jumper.

Synonym direction

Synonym detection can be one way or bi-directional. With a one way search, the original search term is replaced by the synonym. In the above example, sweater would be replaced by the alternative words pullover and jumper.

With a bi-directional search, the search query is expanded to include the original term and the synonyms, resulting in a greater number of potential hits. Using the above example again, this time the query would include sweater, pullover and jumper.

To create a synonym detection:

  1. In the Predictive Merchandiser board, turn on Interactive Mode.

  2. Enter the word or phrase to search for and run the query.

  3. Click on the plus button and select Synonym Detection from the dropdown.

    Select Synonym Detection

    The Create Synonym Detection form is displayed, with your search phrase already entered in the Search Term box.

  4. Choose whether the direction is One way or Bi-directional (see Synonym direction above).

  5. Enter one or more alternative words in the Synonyms box.

    Create synonym rewrite

  6. Click on the Finish button.

    The search is re-run using the synonyms, and a Search box information panel drops down to show that the new search rewrite has fired.