Create a misspelling detection search rewrite

You can create a misspelling search rewrite to detect and correct common spelling mistakes. When a customer enters a search term containing a known misspelling, the incorrect spelling is replaced with the spelling correction.

For example, if your customers frequently misspell or mistype the word sweater as sweatre, you can set up a search rewrite to automatically correct it.

To create a misspelling detection:

  1. In the Predictive Merchandiser board, turn on Interactive Mode.

  2. Enter the misspelled search term and run the query.

  3. Click on the plus button and select Misspelling Detection from the dropdown.

    Select Misspelling Detection

    The Create Misspelling Detection form is displayed, with the incorrectly spelled word or phrase already entered in the Misspelling box.

  4. Enter one or more spelling corrections in the Suggested Correction box.

    Create misspelling rewrite

  5. Click on the Finish button.

    The search is re-run using the corrected spelling, and a Search box information panel drops down to show that the new search rewrite has fired.