Create a Head/Tail search rewrite

You can create a Head/Tail search rewrite to identify and improve searches that are underperforming. When a poorly defined search term is identified, the original term is replaced by an improved search term.

For example, a search for iphone case yellow could be improved by using the search term iphone case yellow +color:"yellow" (in this case making use of the color field in the data).

To create a Head/Tail rewrite:

  1. In the Predictive Merchandiser board, turn on Interactive Mode.

  2. Enter the underperforming search term and run the query.

  3. Click on the plus button and select Head/Tail from the dropdown.

    Select Head/Tail

    The Create Head/Tail Rewrite form is displayed, with the poorly performing search term already entered in the Tail Search Term box.

  4. Enter one or more improved search terms in the Improved Search Terms box.

    Create Head/Tail rewrite

  5. Click on the Finish button.

    The search is re-run using the improved search term, and a Search box information panel drops down to show that the new search rewrite has fired.