Create a rule to filter the results list

You can create a rule that will filter the products displayed in the results list when the rule is triggered. This type of rule adds content to the response.

For example, you could create a rule that only returns movies with an MPAA rating of G or PG when a customer searches for kids movies.

See Create rules from the Rules board for more details about creating rules.

To filter results for a specified search term:

  1. In the Rules board, click the New button to display the Create Rule form.

  2. Fill in the rule’s general settings:

    • Enter a Rule name and set a Priority.

    • Optionally, enter a Description, Rule group and Tags.

    • Keep the Enabled check box turned on so that the new rule can be triggered.

      Enter rule general settings

  3. Click the Next step button.

  4. Specify how the rule is triggered:

    • Turn on the Query check box.

    • Enter some search terms.

      Set rule conditions

  5. Click the Next step button.

  6. Specify what happens when the rule is triggered:

    • Select Filter List from the Action Type dropdown.

    • Leave Approved as the rule’s review status.

      Set rule action

  7. Click the Next step button.

  8. Specify which field name to filter against and which field values to use:

    • Optionally, enter Response Parameter Values - this adds parameters to the response.

    • Enter the Field name that you want to filter against.

    • Enter the Field values that you want to include in the results.

    • Leave the Use Query Elevation Component? check box turned off.

      Set rule actions

  9. Click View Affected Products to see which products will be affected by this rule.

  10. Click the Finish button.