Create a rule to display a banner

You can create a rule that will display a banner containing an image or message when the rule is triggered. This type of rule adds content to the response.

For example, you might want to display a Halloween banner on the run up to 31 October.

See Create rules from the Rules board for more details about creating rules.

To display a specific banner for a fixed time period:

  1. In the Rules board, click the New button to display the Create Rule form.

  2. Fill in the rule’s general settings:

    • Enter a Rule name and set a Priority.

    • Optionally, enter a Description, Rule group and Tags.

    • Keep the Enabled check box turned on so that the new rule can be triggered.

      Enter rule general settings

  3. Click the Next step button.

  4. Specify how the rule is triggered:

    • Turn on the Dates check box.

    • Click on the From Date box and set the month, year and date.

    • Set the time when the rule should come into effect.

    • Click on the To Date box and set the month, year and date.

    • Set the time when the rule should stop working.

      Set rule conditions

  5. Click the Next step button.

  6. Specify what happens when the rule is triggered:

    • Select Banner from the Action Type dropdown.

    • Leave Approved as the rule’s review status.

      Set rule action

  7. Click the Next step button.

  8. Specify what banner to display and where to display it:

    • Enter a url in the Banner URL box - this is usually an image url.

    • Enter a zone in the Banner zone box - zones are customized settings that are determined by your site’s developer. For example, top, bottom.

      Set rule actions

  9. Click the Finish button.