Pin a product

You can pin a product so that it occupies a fixed position in the search results when your customers run a particular query. This can be helpful if you have bestsellers or popular items that you want customers to see first, for example.

When you pin a product, either a new rule is created automatically or an existing pin rule is modified.

To pin a product at its current position:

  1. In the Predictive Merchandiser board, turn on Interactive Mode.

  2. Enter a search term and run the query (or navigate using facets).

  3. Hover over a product.

  4. Click the pin Pin icon.

    The product is pinned in place, and the Rules widget shows that a rule has fired:

    Pin rule fired

To pin a product at a new position:

  1. Turn on Interactive Mode.

  2. Enter a search term and run the query.

  3. Hover over a search result.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click the hamburger and drag the product to a new position Drag and drop.

    • Enter a new position number in the Position box Edit product position.

      The product is pinned to its new position.

You can also pin an alternative product from the catalog - see Insert and pin a product.

Unpin a product

To unpin a product, hover over the pin and click the bin, or edit the appropriate rule directly.