Insert and pin a product

You can search for and insert an alternative product from your catalog into a list of search results, and pin it at a fixed position. This is helpful if:

  • You want to include a product that isn’t included in the results list generated by the query.

  • The results list is long and you need to search for a particular product to locate and pin it.

  • You want to pin multiple products simultaneously.

When you pin a product, either a new rule is created automatically or an existing pin rule is modified.

To insert a product into the search results:

  1. In the Predictive Merchandiser board, turn on Interactive Mode.

  2. Enter a search term and run the query (or navigate using facets).

  3. Hover between search results:

    Insert product

  4. Click the plus sign to display the Insert Product page.

  5. In the Insert Product page, use the facets and search box to locate the product(s) you want to insert.

  6. Click Plus icon to select a product - you can select multiple products.

  7. Enter the position you want to pin the selected product(s) Tick icon at in the Position box.

  8. Click the Insert button.

    The selected products are pinned into position.