Create a Predictive Merchandiser board

You create a Predictive Merchandiser board using the template that is installed as part of the bundle.


The steps in this article assume the following:

  • You are working in an App Studio project with the Predictive Merchandiser bundle installed.

  • You have connected to a Fusion data source and configured a data set for your product catalog.

Create a board

To create a Predictive Merchandiser board:

  1. In Mission Control Mission Control icon, click on the plus button and select Create Board to display the Create Board wizard:

    Create Board from Mission Control

  2. Click on the Predictive Merchandiser template.

  3. Enter a name for your board in the Board name box.

  4. Select the data set that contains your product catalog and click the Next step button.

  5. Choose how to map and display the data fields, clicking on the Next step button after each step.

    • Click on a field to see sample field values.

    • Click on the Plus button button to select a field, making sure that it moves to the SELECTED FIELD area.

    • Click on the Minus button button to remove a field selection, making sure it is removed from the SELECTED FIELD area.

      A selected field should have a Tick button button.

      Rule Name

      Used in the names of rules created when you boost, bury or block a product.

      Signals Document ID

      The Document ID used in your signals data (this is usually the ID field).


      Used as search facets in the Facets List. Note that any field facets set up in the query pipeline are brought through to your Merchandiser board automatically.


      Provides the title used in the search results.


      Provides the description used in the search results (optional).


      Provides the image information used to display a thumbnail in the search results (optional).

      Other Fields

      Included in the search results along with the Title, Description and image (optional). Create Board - set fields

  6. Choose how the fields and image are displayed in the Result Template:

    • Click the up/down arrows to change the order of fields.

    • Click on the Result template dropdown to specify whether the thumbnail is displayed above, to the left or to the right of the fields, or not displayed at all.

  7. If item to item recommendations are configured in your Fusion data, you can choose to display product recommendations - recommendations are shown in a product’s information page.

    • Optionally, select the data set that contains the recommendation data.

    • Click the Next step button.

  8. Set up your signals data:

    • Select the data set that contains your signals data.

    • Select Yes or No depending on whether your signals were generated in App Studio, and click the Finish button.