Add additional facets

You can create rules that add facets by interacting directly with the Facet List in Interactive Mode. You can add facets that are set unconditionally, or facets that are only set when your customers run a particular query. For example, you might want to set a music genre facet when a customer navigates to the music section of your catalog.

When you add a facet, a new rule is created automatically.

You can also add facets that aren’t dependent on rules being triggered. To do this, edit the Facet List widget.

To add a facet:

  1. In the Predictive Merchandiser board, turn on Interactive Mode.

  2. If required, enter a search term and run the query (or navigate using facets).

    This step is optional when adding a facet - if you don’t specify a condition, the facet is set before a query is submitted.

  3. Hover at the bottom of an existing facet in the Facet List:

    Add a facet

  4. Click the plus sign to display the Add Facets page.

  5. Select each field that you want to turn into a facet:

    • Click on the Plus button button to select a field, making sure that it moves to the FIELDS SELECTED area.

  6. Click on the Finish button.

    A new rule is triggered and the selected facet is added to the Facet List:

    Set facets rule fired

Delete a facet set by a rule

To delete a facet set by a rule, click the bin icon in the Facet List, or edit the appropriate rule directly.