Add a data source

Before creating a Predictive Merchandiser board, you need to configure the data. This is a two step process involving connection to a data provider and creation of a data set.

The data provider must be the Fusion Server instance where your collections and query profiles are held. The data set is the specific collection and query profile that you want to use - you can create more than one data set from a single data provider.

If you want to use signals data, you also need to create a data set for your signals.


The steps in this article assume the following:

  • You have access to a running instance of Fusion Server with a collection of indexed data and a query profile.

  • You are working in the App Studio project where you want to create a data set.

Connect to a data provider

To connect to a data provider:

  1. In Mission Control Mission Control icon, click on the plus button and select Add Data:

    Add Data to Mission Control

  2. In the Where is your data? page, select Fusion Server - Predictive Merchandiser needs a Fusion data set.

  3. Click the Next button.

    You can now set up or choose an existing Fusion provider.

  4. If you’ve previously set up one or more Fusion providers in your project, the following page is displayed:

    Choose a Fusion provider

    Do one of the following:

    • Select a provider and click the Next button to create a data set from the selected provider.

    • Click + to set up a new Fusion data provider.

  5. In the New Fusion Provider page, fill in the provider’s details:

    Configure new Fusion provider

    • Enter a name for the Fusion provider.

    • Specify whether the provider is local (in the current Fusion cluster), or remote.

    • If remote, enter the host name, port number, login credentials and protocol.

    • Click the Create button.

      The new data provider is created.

  6. Click the Create Data Set button to continue and create a data set.

    The New Data Set page is displayed.

Create a data set

To create a data set:

  1. Fill in the new data set details:

    Create new data set

    • Enter a name for the new data set.

    • Optionally, enter a description of the data set.

    • Select a collection.

    • Select a query profile.

    • Select the Fusion app that contains the query profile - this is important for the administration of rules and search rewrites.

  2. Click the Create Data Set button.

    The new data provider and data set are added to Mission Control:

    New data set and data provider in Mission Control