More Like This

More Like This modules display search results that are similar to the top result. This is a smart panel that adds intelligence to search and browsing experiences.

If you use a More Like This module, embed it in the page in which the Results module is embedded.


The pointer in this screenshot points to a More Like This module.

More Like This module

Configuration options

Location Option Description

Edit Module

Results To Show

Number of similar results to display.

Embed Module

UI language

UI language for the Search Box. To specify a different UI language for an embedded module (or to explicitly specify English), add a language URL parameter in the loader.js URL in the embed snippet that you copy to the <head> element.

Embed Module

Search language

Override the default search language for a specific Search Box module. In the snippet for the Search Box, include a language attribute in the <cloud-search-box> element, for example, <cloud-search-box language="fr"></cloud-search-box>.

How to configure a More Like This module

See Configure modules.

Style More Like This modules with CSS

You can use cascading style sheets (CSS) to style More Like This modules.