Usage provides metrics about usage for a specific time period or since the app was created.

Site Search captures usage information from embedded modules and API requests. Searches and clicking results and so forth in the Admin UI don’t count toward usage.
How to view usage
  1. In the Site Search menu under Insights, click Usage.

  2. (Optional) In the upper left, select a timeframe from the dropdown list – All Time (the default), Today, Previous Week, Previous 30 Days, or Previous 90 Days; the previous periods don’t include today. To specify a custom time period, select Custom Time Period, click From date and To date and select dates, and then click done.

Usage metrics are:

Metric Description

Searches Over Time

Graph showing a timeline of daily search totals

Average Queries per Day

Average number of search queries processed per day

Average Response Time

Average time it took to respond to queries

Click-through Rate

Percentage of the total queries that resulted in users clicking through to results

Busiest Days of the Week

Graph showing the total numbers of queries by the day of the week

Busiest Times of Day

Graph showing the total numbers of queries by the time of day