Site Search Guide

Site Search lets users search for content in indexes created from data sources. Site Search searches publicly available documents. Users don’t need to log in to search.

Data source types

Data source types are:

  • Web crawler – Index web pages on a website that is on the public Web.

  • CSV – Index a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The delimiter can be a comma or tab.

  • JSON – Index a JSON file.

  • Push Endpoint – Index data sent to a push endpoint.

Per-document and wildcard-based document blocking are available, but they aren’t intended as security measures. They’re intended to clean up the index to remove unnecessary content such as website landing pages. Document blocking is not user- or role-based.


Site Search provides:

  • Cloud-based search back end – A Site Search app’s back end performs the searches that users request.

  • Browser-based Site Search apps – A Site Search app is a browser-based Admin UI where you develop the functionality of a search app, as well as gain insights about use of the app through analytics and usage information.

  • Embeddable modules – Embedded modules provide Site Search functionality on your websites.

    Site Search includes modules for search boxes, facets, topic tabs, related documents, and displaying search results.

  • Interactive search analytics and usage data – Search analytics data includes metrics for queries, results, and users. Usage data for a specific time period includes a timeline of daily search totals, the average number of queries per day, the average response time, the click-through rate, the busiest days of the week, and the busiest times of day.

  • Site Search APIs – Site Search APIs provide an alternative means of providing search functionality on web pages. You can also use the APIs from web apps. APIs are available for searching, suggesting query completions, pushing documents to a Push Endpoint data source, and deleting documents from a Push Endpoint data source.

This is an example of a Site Search app:

Site Search app