Following are requirements for developing Site Search apps.

Software requirements

Following are software requirements for the Admin UI and for embedded Site Search modules.

Admin UI

The Site Search Admin UI runs in the following browsers:

  • Chrome – Latest version

  • Firefox – Latest version and latest Extended Support Release (ESR) version

  • Internet Explorer – Version 11

Embedded modules

Embedded Site Search modules run in the following browsers:

  • Chrome – Latest version and the prior four major versions

  • Firefox – Latest version and latest Extended Support Release (ESR), and the prior four non-ESR major versions

  • Internet Explorer – Versions 11 and 10

Signup and role requirements

Before you can develop a search app:

  • Someone at your enterprise must have signed up to use Site Search.

  • You must have the Admin or Owner role. The person who signs up for Site Search has the Owner role. That person can invite other users, who have the Admin role automatically after accepting the invitations. The first account owner can also give other administrators the Owner role.

For more information about roles, see User roles.

Trial apps and the trial period

One trial Site Search app exists out-of-the-box. The trial period is per-app and it lasts for 7 days. You can only have one trial app at a time.

To license an app that you’ve developed, contact Lucidworks. You’ll also find a Contact Us link at the bottom of the Lucidworks Cloud dashboard.

Cookies and personal data

By embedding Lucidworks modules or libraries in your website, you acknowledge that your website will use cookies in your users' browsers and will collect and process personal data from your users, including IP addresses. Ensure that your website complies with any applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of cookies and the collection and processing of personal data. For the EU, for example, these laws and regulations include the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU Cookie Law.