Site Search Admin UI

Use the Site Search Admin UI to develop and configure Site Search apps. Work in the Admin UI creates the foundation for providing Site Search functionality in your search apps, either by embedding modules in the web pages of your websites or by using the Site Search REST APIs.

Sign in to Lucidworks Cloud

Sign in to Lucidworks Cloud:

  1. Open the Lucidworks Cloud dashboard.

    A Sign In page appears.

  2. Enter your Email Address, and then click Sign In.

  3. Enter your Password, and then click Sign In.

    The Lucidworks Cloud dashboard appears.

Open the Admin UI

Open the Admin UI to develop or manage a Site Search App.

  1. On the Lucidworks Cloud dashboard, scroll down to the app.

  2. Click Open.


The Site Search Admin UI opens. You are ready to develop and configure the chosen app.

Add a data source

Pretty much everything in the Admin UI depends on having a data source that has been indexed. When you first open the Admin UI, it opens a panel for indexing data from a data source.

Add first data source

Tour the Admin UI

Tour the Admin UI to become acquainted with its parts and navigation.


The Admin UI has three parts:

  • Page Builder – The Page Builder is the main part of the Admin UI. It is where you configure all aspects of Site Search. From the menu on the left, choose what you want to configure. Hover over the page to the right to reveal controls for configuring modules.

    This is the Page Builder:

    Page Builder

  • Slide-out panels – When you choose an aspect to configure, a panel slides out over the Page Builder.

    This is an example of a slide-out panel:

    Slide-out panel

  • Search – This part of the UI hides the menu and the Page Builder. You can test searches here or in the Page Builder. The search results are identical.

    This is the Search page:


Here we explain how to navigate in the Admin UI and to configure Site Search.

Open the Page Builder

When you open Site Search, it opens with the Page Builder open and the main menu visible. If no data source has been configured, the slide-out panel for adding a data source opens.

How to Open the Page Builder from Search

In the upper left corner, click Edit.


How to open Search

At the top of the menu, click Close Close.

Open Search

Configure Site Search:

  • From the Page Builder menu, in slide-out panels – Select items from the main menu to configure those aspects of Site Search. Configuration panels slide out.

    Slide-out panel

  • With controls on the Page Builder – Hover over parts of the Page Builder to reveal controls:

    Page Builder controls

    At the bottom of the Page Builder are controls for page settings and adding modules:

    Controls for page settings and adding modules


When you sign in to Lucidworks Cloud, it stores a session cookie. You can open and use Site Search apps without providing per-app credentials. You are logged in as a specific account owner or administrator. On the dashboard, you can only see the apps to which you have access.

If you sign out, either from the dashboard or Site Search (these are identical), then the next time you open the dashboard or a Site Search app, you must log in again.

If you exit your browser, then you are signed out. You will need to sign in again the next time you use the dashboard or a Site Search app.

The dashboard and Site Search apps have no idle-time based session sign-out. You can continue to use the dashboard and Site Search apps for as long as you are logged in.