CSV File

For a CSV data source, Site Search indexes records in a CSV file when you create the data source. There is no periodic re-indexing of the file. At need, you can upload the records again. For more information, see CSV and JSON data sources.

How to add a data source to index a CSV file
  1. In the Site Search menu, click Add new data source, and then click CSV. If you are adding the first data source, just click CSV.

  2. Specify information on the Configuration tab (configuration information for the crawler that indexes the data source):

    Setting Description

    Upload a File

    Click in the Select a local file text box, browse to a local CSV file, and select the file. Alternatively, click Upload and select the file.

    The maximum file size is 50 MB. CSV data sources don’t index files that exceed 50 MB.


    Field delimiter for the CSV file

    Site Search doesn’t support a secondary delimiter or multivalue fields for a CSV data source.

    Text Qualifier

    In some cases, text strings in a CSV file are surrounded by double quotation marks (" ") or single quotation marks (\' '). Choose the text qualifier here to remove the quotation marks from the ingested data.

  3. Click Save and Index.

    While Site Search is crawling a data source, it displays its activity (the number of documents it has indexed) in the lower left corner of the page:


    You might need to refresh the page in the browser to see all of the documents that were found in the crawl.