Use the Suggestions API to obtain suggested query completions.

Manage API keys

The Suggestions API uses Search API keys.

HTTP request header

An HTTP request for the Suggest API must contain the X-API-Key header, a custom HTTP header to contain the Search API key.

REST verb

The REST verb for searches is GET.

REST API endpoint

Request parameter

Specify the query to use for obtaining suggested query completions.

This is the available request parameter:

Parameter Description and example Type Default


Query term to search for



Not applicable

Obtaining suggested query completions

Here we describe how to obtain suggested query completions. We also give some information about handling responses.

Submit a request

In your app, construct and submit HTTP requests to the Search API. These are example requests and responses:

In the Site Search app, you can copy a sample curl command that submits a request.

How to use the sample request
  1. In the Site Search menu, click Search APIs.

  2. Under "Suggest query completiongs", hover over the sample curl command, and then click Copy.

  3. Paste the command into a text editor.

  4. Include a Search API key and modify the search-request parameters as desired.

  5. Submit the curl command at a command prompt.


This is an example of a request for suggested query completions for justi.


curl -H 'X-API-Key: 7556b805-662d-44c8-b467-d8cb0fa476e56765f6e6-dd60-4fdc-9c53-d8c03edb3a2e' ''


[ "justice", "justin", "justify", "justine", "justifier", "justified", "justification", "justices", "justifiant", "justifie" ]