Lucidworks Cloud

Lucidworks Cloud apps provide many of the powerful features of Fusion with the simplicity of SaaS, and without the overhead of on-premises deployment. Lucidworks Cloud apps share the same administration interface and offer secure data ingestion.

To get started with Lucidworks Cloud apps, sign up, and then tour the dashboard.

Site Search app

Lucidworks offers the customizable Lucidworks Cloud app Site Search.

Site Search provides:

  • Cloud-based search back end – A Site Search app’s back end performs the searches that users request. You can customize aspects of search (primarily the data sources).

  • Browser-based Site Search app – The Site Search app’s browser-based front end has a three-fold purpose:

    • Use the Site Search app to customize and test both back-end and front-end aspects of search. This includes testing the Site Search modules.

    • Copy the embeddable code for modules to embed them in your websites.

    • Make the entire Site Search app available to users as a search interface.

    This is an example of a Site Search app:

    Site Search App

  • Embeddable modules – Embedded modules provide Site Search functionality on your websites.

    At present, Site Search modules include ones for search boxes, facets, topics, related documents, and displaying search results.