Security is critical when it comes to your data. Lucidworks Cloud is designed with this in mind.

Security during data ingestion

  • JSON and CSV ingestion is SSL-encrypted.

  • Website data sources only crawl public websites; as such, no special security measures are applied.

Secure data storage in the cloud

Lucidworks Cloud is designed to be:

  • Secure

    Your data is encrypted on disk. The Lucidworks infrastructure team regularly applies security updates at the operating system level.

Only your administrators and account owners can manipulate your data. Lucidworks personnel cannot access your data unless you invite them as administrators, for example for support purposes.

Anyone with access to websites in which Site Search modules are embedded or websites that use the Search API can search your data.

  • Persistent

    Cloud apps are designed to recover automatically in case of failure, with no loss of indexed data.

  • Sandboxed

    Every app’s data is stored on a separate volume. One app’s data does not mingle with data from another app, and your organization’s data is isolated from every other organization’s data.


In the browser, cookies are used to track all Cloud users, by email address, for the purposes of session persistence, delivering customized content, and analyzing usage. If you disable cookies in your browser, you limit your ability to use Lucidworks Cloud.

Also read about cookies and personal data.