Your Data

Lucidworks understands that your data is critical to your organization’s success.

Data source types

Your data is secure during ingestion and storage.

Data privacy

Data in Site Search is not private. Data in Web crawler data sources comes from the public Web. Any user with the URL of the Site Search app can search the data. If you embed Site Search modules in web pages, then any users with access to those web pages can search the data. If you use the Search API to provide search capability in an app, then any users with access to the app can search the data.

In other regards, Lucidworks Cloud adheres to the Lucidworks Privacy Policy.

Cookies and personal data

By embedding Lucidworks modules or libraries in your website, you acknowledge that your website will use cookies in your users' browsers and will collect and process personal data from your users, including IP addresses. Ensure that your website complies with any applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of cookies and the collection and processing of personal data. For the EU, for example, these laws and regulations include the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU Cookie Law.

Data ownership

You own your own data, even when it’s stored in Lucidworks Cloud. See the Terms of Service for additional details.