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Tour the Dashboard

As an administrator, you can use the Lucidworks Cloud dashboard to manage all of your search apps.

Sign in

Sign in to Lucidworks Cloud:

  1. Open the Lucidworks Cloud dashboard.

    A Sign In page appears.

  2. Enter your Email Address, and then click Sign In.

  3. Enter your Password, and then click Sign In.

    The Lucidworks Cloud dashboard appears.

The Dashboard

This is an example of the dashboard for an administrator.


From the dashboard, you can:

If you are an account owner, your dashboard also has site management features, including the ability to add other account owners:


Sign out

You can sign out of Lucidworks Cloud from the dashboard or from a Site Search app. If you sign out, either from the dashboard or Site Search (these are identical), then the next time you open the dashboard or a Site Search app, you must log in again.

If you exit your browser, then you are signed out. You will need to sign in again the next time you use the dashboard or a Site Search app.

How to sign out from the dashboard

On the dashboard, in the upper right corner, click your user name, and then click Sign Out.

How to sign out from a Site Search app

In the Page Builder, click your name, and then click Sign Out.