Manage Apps

When Lucidworks first creates your Lucidworks Cloud account, you get one app out of the box, named "Site Search".

You can change the name of the Site Search app and add users to it (you only need to add users who will have the Admin or Owner role).

Create an app

If you’re working on a trial app and you decide to start from scratch, an account owner or administrator can delete that app, and an account owner can create a new trial app. When you have licensed apps, you still have one trial app.

How to create a new app
  1. Open your dashboard at

  2. Click Add Search App.

    Add Site Search app

  3. Customize the path to the new app.

    This path is appended to your domain name, as in

    For example, you could choose,,, and so on.

  4. Click Create New App.

    This returns you to the dashboard, where your app is shown as "Deploying":


    Deployment takes a few minutes. When the new app is ready, an Open button appears.

Open an app

Your apps are always running and available. To view or modify an app’s end-user interface, click Open:


You can also open your apps from the from the User menu, which has links to all of your apps:

Open app from User menu

As an administrator or account owner, your view of the UI includes an Edit Edit icon that you can click to modify the user interface.

Configure an app

Admins can configure the apps for which they have been added as administrators. An account owner can configure all apps.

Change an app’s name

When you create a search app, its default name is "Site Search". You can customize this name to keep your search apps organized. The search app name is only used in the dashboard; it doesn’t appear in an app’s user interface.

How to change an app’s name
  1. Open your dashboard at

  2. Scroll to the search app that you want to rename.

  3. To the right of the Open button, click Edit Edit.

  4. Enter a new name in the Name of App field.

  5. Click Update.

Add users to an app

Each app can have any number of administrators. When you add a user, the new user’s initial role is Admin.

How to add a user to an app as an administrator
  1. Open your dashboard at

  2. Scroll to the app to which you want to add a user.

  3. Click People and Permissions:

    Manage users

    Here you can see all existing users for this app.

  4. Click Invite People.

    The Add People to Site Search page appears:

    Add People

  5. Enter email addresses for the users you want to add.

  6. Click Confirm Invites.

    A confirmation screen appears, displaying the email addresses you entered:

    Add People

  7. Click Send Invites.

    An invited user receives an email message with a link to activate the new account, create a profile, and choose a password.

Add data sources and customize an app

As an administrator or account owner, you can develop search apps by adding data sources and customizing the search interface.

How to start developing a search app
  1. Open your dashboard at

  2. Open the search app you want to develop.

    The search interface appears, and you are in Admin mode.

License an app

To license an app, contact Lucidworks.

After you have licensed an app, the Lucidworks Cloud dashboard indicates that the app is licensed. There is nothing more you need to do.

Delete an app

When an app is no longer needed, you can delete it.

Deleting an app removes that app and all of the data that was associated with it.
How to delete an app
  1. Open your dashboard at

  2. Scroll to the search app you want to delete.

  3. To the right of the Open button, click Edit Edit.

  4. Click Delete App.

  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.