View The SharePoint Export Database File

The SharePoint connector retrieves content and metadata from an on-premises SharePoint repository.

When a crawl is performed with the V1 Optimized connector, a SharePoint export database file is created. This file contains various metadata related to the SharePoint data. It does not store file contents from the SharePoint data.

A Java web viewer, sharepoint-exporter.jar, is included to browse the export database file. The web viewer is located in the following directory:


The web viewer is launched with the following arguments:

  • -exportDirectoryPath - The full path to the export database file.

  • -port - The port which the web viewer server will run on. If unassigned, a random port will be selected.

java -cp /opt/fusion/latest/apps/connectors/connectors-classic/plugins/{viewer-directory}/assets/sharepoint-exporter/sharepoint-exporter.jar  com.lucidworks.fusion.connector.plugins.sharepoint.exporter.SharepointExportWeb -port 5000 -exportDirectoryPath /opt/fusion/latest/data/connectors/connectors-classic/{export-directory}/example_spo

The files are viewed by navigating the directory with any browser.

SharePoint V1 Optimized Export Database File Viewer