Use Sitecore's History Table

This connector provides full crawl and incremental crawl support for Sitecore versions 8.x and 9.x. It indexes document content and all metadata.

By default, the connector performs incremental updates based on Fusion’s crawl history. Alternatively, you can configure it to periodically query Sitecore’s History Table for identifying individual item additions, updates, and removals.

In order to read updates from the History Table, you must establish a JDBC connection from Fusion to the Sitecore database.

How to connect to Sitecore with JDBC
  1. Upload the JDBC driver to the blob store.

    1. In the Fusion UI, navigate to System > Blobs.

    2. Click Add.

    3. Select JDBC Driver.

      Uploading a connector

      The "New 'JDBC Driver' Upload" panel appears.

    4. Click Choose File and select the .jar file from your file system.

      Uploading connector

    5. Click Upload.

      The new driver’s blob manifest appears.

      Uploaded connector

      From this screen you can also delete or replace the driver.

    You can also do this using the REST API, like this:

    curl -u user:pass -H "content-type:application/java-archive" -H "content-length:707261" -X PUT --data-binary @postgresql-42.0.0.jar http://localhost:8764/api/blobs/mydriver?resourceType=driver:jdbc
  2. In your Sitecore datasource, select Database Properties.

    Sitecore datasource configuration

  3. Enter the following database properties:

    • Sitecore database JDBC host

    • Sitecore master database name

    • Sitecore database username

    • Sitecore database password

  4. Click Save.