Toggle Between Panes

The Toggle widget lets you toggle (client side) between different panes of view. This is frequently used to expose different pieces of content (such as visualisations) based on a selection from the user.


The controls which show each pane can be contained within the panes widget or outside of it. If the controls are outside of the main panes container you must define an identifier to link the two:

<toggle:controls panes="visualizations" title="" labels="Facet Chart,Highchart,Tagcloud" />
<toggle:panes id="visualizations">
    <toggle:pane><visualization:facetChart ... /></toggle:pane>
    <toggle:pane><visualization:highcharts ... /></toggle:pane>
    <toggle:pane><visualization:tagcloud ... /></toggle:pane>

Additionally, the labels in the controls widget must correspond (in number and order) to the pane elements defined within the panes container.