Run App Studio in Demo Mode

This deployment type is useful for:

  • Evaluating App Studio

  • Previewing the UI during development

  • Demoing your UI

In order to run your UI in demo mode, you need a downloaded project.

From your project directory, run app-studio start or app-studio.bat start and go to http://localhost:8080/ to view your demo deployment. The code editor is available in the demo interface; you can hide this by using the --production flag.

Start up in demo mode

Run the app-studio or app-studio.bat script like this:

app-studio start [--production] [-f] [-p port] [-m memory] [-t timeout] [-V]

After startup, your demo deployment is available at http://localhost:8080/.


Run App Studio in "production mode", with the code editor and wizard disabled. This gives you a preview of what your UI will look like in a production deployment.


Start App Studio in the foreground. By default, App Studio starts in the background and sends stdout/stderr to app-studio-PORT-console.log.

-p <port>

Specify the port on which to start the App Studio Web server; the default is 8080.

-m <memory>

Set the minimum (-Xms) and maximum (-Xmx) heap size for the JVM, such as -m 4g which results in -Xms4g -Xmx4g. By default, this script sets the heap size to 512MB.

-t <timeout>

Set the startup timeout in seconds; the default is 120.

Shut down in demo mode

To shut down your demo application, run app-studio stop or app-studio.bat stop:

app-studio stop [-p port] [-V]

The optional -p flag specifies the port to which the App Studio HTTP listener is bound.