Present Search Results Feeds

Appkit has out-of-the-box support for presenting search results as feeds in both RSS and Atom formats (see below for a full list).

Configure the RSS service

Add a new configuration file at the relative path /services/rss/rss.conf. In most Appkit application templates this file is included by default. This file should include these parameters:

name: twigkit.ui.jsp.service.RSSSearchService
type: rss_2.0 # or one of rss_0.91N, rss_0.93, rss_0.92, rss_1.0, rss_0.94, rss_2.0, rss_0.91U, rss_0.9, atom_1.0, atom_0.3
title: myTitleField
url: myUrlField
content: myDescriptionField

You must replace with a fully-qualified path to your platform configuration (for example, platforms.gsa, platforms.solr, etc.). You will also must replace myTitleField, myUrlField and myDescriptionField with the correct fields from your search index. These will be used to populate the title, URL and description of each RSS entry, respectively.

The RSS feed can be formatted according to a number of standard feed types, including:

  • rss_0.91N

  • rss_0.93

  • rss_0.92

  • rss_1.0

  • rss_0.94

  • rss_2.0

  • rss_0.91U

  • rss_0.9

  • atom_1.0

  • atom_0.3

RESTful feed endpoint

Your Appkit application includes a RESTful web service for retrieving RSS feeds, which lives at:


For example, if your RSS config lives at /services/rss/rss.conf then you can call out to the RSS service like so: