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Persist Social Data in Fusion

When using the Appkit Social module, an Appkit application can save social data (comments, bookmarks, and saved search queries) for logged in users. By default, the application saves the data in an in-memory database, the contents of which are lost when the application restarts.

You can configure Appkit to persist social data to a database that uses disk storage.


  • Any JDBC-compliant relational database (such as Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server) or a Fusion deployment

  • Network access from the Appkit application to the relational database or to Fusion

The database doesn’t have to be empty because Appkit prefixes all of its tables with a twigkit identifier. But for simplicity, we recommend using a separate schema, because you probably won’t need to join Appkit tables with tables in other schemas.

Persist Social module data in Fusion

Perform the tasks in this section to persist Appkit Social module data in Fusion.

  1. Configure Fusion.

  2. (Only for apps created with prior versions of App Studio or Appkit) Upgrade to the latest version of Appkit.

  3. Enable social features.