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        Configure Fusion Logging in Fusion 4.1 and 4.2

        Fusion uses the Apache Log4j 2 logging framework with Jetty to log each of the Fusion components.

        Logging is configured with an XML configuration file named log4j2.xml. Log levels, frequencies, and log rotation policy can be configured by changing these configuration files:

        API service


















        Other Fusion services


        The Log4j2 Configuration guide provides documentation and examples of all logging configuration options.

        The Fusion log shipper parses Fusion Java, HTTP, and garbage collector logs and sends them to a system collection. This system collection is used for dashboards in the Fusion UI.

        Log shipping is enabled by default. You can disable log shipping, adjust which logs are parsed, or send log files to a custom collection name. For the configuration and details, see {fusion_path}/conf/fusion.cors (fusion.properties in Fusion 4.x) (on Unix or macOS) or fusion\latest.x\conf\fusion.cors (fusion.properties in Fusion 4.x) (on Windows).